Didn't get enough Shovel Knight with the beloved platformer? Developer Yacht Club Games has been beavering away at spin-off Shovel Knight: Pocket Dungeon for years now, but it's finally ready. The game, which combines dungeon crawling with block puzzles, releases for PlayStation 4 on 13th December.

We've embedded a trailer from earlier in the year to refresh your memories. The basic idea is that you'll delve into dungeons, beat baddies, and gather treasure, but it's all presented like a match-three style puzzler. Blocks — which can be enemies, items, or other goodies — fall from the top of the grid, and the player will manipulate them in order to link them together and clear them from the board. It looks like a neat concept, and with more than 10 playable characters, a versus mode, and more, it seems to be a robust package.

That's not stopping the studio from making more Pocket Dungeon, though. It's announced that DLC for the game is currently in development, meaning the game is set to get even bigger further down the line.

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