Ps Plus

12-month PlayStation Plus subscriptions have today been discounted on the PS Store to coincide with the big Black Friday sale, taking 33 per cent off the price. However, if you head to ShopTo, you can grab a year of PS Plus for even cheaper. The website is offering 12-month PS Plus subscriptions for just £29.85 if you use code "EXTRATEN" at the checkout. This is a limited time offer, so be sure to take advantage quick if you're interested.

If you already have an active PS Plus membership, don't forget that you can still extend your subscription with this timely offer. The service can be stacked for as long as you like. To get a taste for the sort of PS5, PS4 titles handed out monthly, click through to our All Free PS Plus Games in 2021 guide. And for even more PS5, PS4 Black Friday deals, click that link too.

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[Thanks to Push Square user themightyant for sharing.]