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Alright everyone, we need your help. In a move that we haven't at all stolen from our dearest friends over at Nintendo Life, we've decided to rank the best PlayStation 3 games. With Sony's last-last-gen console having its 15th anniversary on the 17th November (in North America, at least!), this seems like an opportune time to remember some of the system's very best games — and boy did it have some bangers.

The PS3 represented a bit of a strange time for Sony. The Japanese giant was coming off the back of the best selling home console ever made — the PS2 — and many would argue that hubris skewed the company's perspective. The early years of the PS3 were a wake up call; the system's unique CELL architecture made it a problematic piece of tech for third-party developers, and its infamous "599 US dollars" price tag was enough to send consumers reeling.

It took a few years for the PS3 to really hit its stride. Kazuo Hirai spearheaded a significant restructure at Sony and PlayStation, and with that came an emphasis on quality video games. This is where the generally outstanding efforts of Sony's first-party studios were first put into focus; the PS3 pretty much laid the foundations for the immense popularity of the PS4's exclusive catalogue.

But again, we're going to need your help to rate all of these PS3 games. All you need to do is rate your favourites using the poll below. All of the games that are included in the poll are taken directly from the Push Square database, and it's a long list. As such, try to make use of the 'search' function at the top of the poll in order to find the games that you like best. You can also sort games by popularity.

Or, you can just scroll through the whole thing, rating any games that you recognise. If there are any games that we've missed, and that you think are worth adding, then do let us know in the comments section.

Here's how it works: when a game has a certain number of user ratings, it's eligible to be entered into our Best PS3 Games list (which we'll be publishing in time for the aforementioned 15th anniversary). Basically, we're asking you to rate as many of these games as you want, and eventually, we'll end up with a definitive PS3 list, as voted by the Push Square community.

Now get out there and get rating!

Thanks for taking part in Push Square's best PS3 games poll! What PS3 games have you rated? Tell us all about your favourites in the comments section below.