PlayStation Sony Gender Discrimination 1

A lawsuit filed in California is suing Sony for gender discrimination and unfair dismissal. First reported by newsletter Axios, the legal proceedings have been lobbied by former IT security analyst Emma Majo, who alleges that women at PlayStation were paid less than their male peers and were denied promotions. She claims that Sony “tolerates and cultivates a work environment that discriminates against female employees”.

Majo says that she informed PlayStation of the discrimination she experienced in a signed statement earlier this year, but her position was terminated shortly thereafter. The company counters that she was dismissed due to the closure of the department she worked in, but unsurprisingly this is a point of dispute, with Majo arguing she was never part of said office to begin with.

The lawsuit delves into a plethora of detail regarding Sony’s treatment of female employees dating all the way back to 2015; she alleges there’s a bias against women gaining promotions, and that she remained in the same role for six years despite actively asking to be advanced up the ladder. She also makes some allegations against security director Yuu Sugita with regards to his treatment of female employees, claiming that he favoured speaking with male colleagues when females were present.

The legal proceedings have been filed through the same state authority responsible for the ongoing allegations against Activision Blizzard, something which PlayStation boss Jim Ryan actively spoke out about last week. He said he was “disheartened and frankly stunned to read” a Wall Street Journal exposing the workplace culture at the Call of Duty publisher, and reiterated that Sony is “committed to ensuring our community of developers and gamers feel safe and respected, and providing a secure work environment for every employee”.

Given this is a legal matter, we’d be surprised if Sony made a public comment about it, but the lawsuit is seeking class action status, so it’s possible more employees may come forward over the coming weeks.

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