Oddworld: Soulstorm launched earlier this year on PlayStation 5 and PS4, much to the delight of its loyal fans. While in some ways it was a solid step forward for the classic series, the game launched with more than its fair share of issues. Poor enemy AI, progression-blocking bugs, and all kinds of other problems meant it wasn't quite the win people were hoping for. Of course, since launch, developer Oddworld Inhabitants has been making numerous fixes, and it looks like everything will culminate with the release of Oddworld: Soulstorm Enhanced Edition.

This new version of the game is set to arrive on 30th November, and it promises to be a big improvement on the initial release. According to Microids — publisher of the physical version of the game — the Enhanced Edition includes "dramatically improved gameplay mechanics and motion code, audio balance improvements, seven additional months of polish, improved Slig and follower AI (more intelligent and responsive), as well as all previously released updates and brand-new content".

It sounds like a lot of issues are ironed out here, then, but what of that new content? On PS5 and PS4, you'll be able to play something called Toby’s Escape, which will be accessible in the main menu after completing the game. This chapter will cover how Toby got away from RuptureFarms and ended up conducting the train.

The best part of all this is that the Enhanced Edition will be a free upgrade for any owners of the original release. If you bought the game (or claimed it as part of PS Plus back in April), you'll be eligible to upgrade it to this fancy new version.

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