Mass Effect Legendary Edition Stats

It was N7 Day over the weekend — Mass Effect's annual celebration — and BioWare provided some entertainment through a new set of player statistics based on choices from Mass Effect Legendary Edition. The stats make for an interesting read, highlighting things like character loyalty in Mass Effect 2, the endings of Mass Effect 3, and even the most popular difficulty levels.

But beware: there are some story spoilers below.

Here are the stats we think are worth talking about:

  • 'Normal' is the most selected difficulty level in Mass Effect 1 and 2, but 'Casual' wins in Mass Effect 3
  • Harder difficulty levels were only chosen by a small minority of players
  • Most players chose the 'red' ending in Mass Effect 3, destroying the Reapers
  • 15 per cent of players didn't actually recruit Garrus in Mass Effect, which is unthinkable
  • A whopping 97 per cent of players recruited Diana Allers — the reporter played by Jessica Chobot in Mass Effect 3
  • 69 per cent of players chose to save the council in Mass Effect
  • 85 per cent of players chose Anderson to be humanity's council member
  • 23 per cent of players stuck with the default John or Jane Shepard name

Do any of these stats stand out to you? Recount (and potentially regret) your own choices in the comments section below.