This author remembers buying Mr. Driller, full-price, on the SEGA Dreamcast. It was barely worth ten notes, let alone forty, but there was no digital market and tiered pricing structure in those days – and it was still a ton of fun, to be fair. The eponymous miner will return on the PlayStation 5 and PS4 this week, as part of the (much cheaper) Mr. Driller DrillLand.

Due out on 4th November, this is a remake of the Japanese GameCube exclusive which originally released in 2002. It was ported to the Nintendo Switch last year – it’s $19.99/£15.99 on that platform, for the record – where it earned rave reviews, perhaps partly because of its “long lost treasure” status. To be fair, this version is considered the pinnacle of the puzzle property.

Are there any Mr. Driller fans among you? Will you be digging into DrillLand later this week? See how low you can go in the comments section below.

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