MLB The Show 21 is reaching the end of its lifecycle now the real-world season has concluded, but if you’ve just bought Sony San Diego’s baseball sim during Black Friday, there’s an otherworldly amount of content to dig through. This week saw the release of Team Affinity 5 – where you complete challenges with specific players and teams to unlock Diamond Dynasty cards – and it comes with an enormous batch of 99-rated Finest cards, which just look gorgeous.

MLB The Show 21 PS5 PlayStation 5 1

There are new Moments, Conquest maps, and much more to complete – and while you work your way through it, the developer will be doubling XP on all matches and modes through 10th December, which gives you almost four weeks to complete the 9th Inning Program. There will be a 10th Inning Program that follows in December, so the studio is working hard to keep the release fresh into the off-season.

Of course, for much of the team at Sony San Diego, it’ll be deep into development of next year’s game now.