Hitman 3 will keep on trucking with more post-launch content as part of a second year of support, studio IO Interactive has announced. This will take the form of "new maps, storylines, modes and ways to play", one of which is the Elusive Target Arcade. Arriving in January 2022, it will dramatically change how Elusive Target missions are played, potentially with modifiers and tweaks you can make yourself. More information will be shared early next year.

It appears the biggest update will arrive in the spring, though as IO Interactive teases a "major update" along with an image of a brand new map. It appears to be some sort of complex covered in and surrounded by a lot of greenery. Other updates are targetted at PC players, with the PlayStation 5, PS4 versions losing their VR exclusivity to the personal computer as well as ray tracing support.

HM3 YearTwo Image1

Finally, the Danish-based team shared that the World of Assassination trilogy has now been played by 50 million players, making Hitman 3 the most successful entry of all time. Great news for IO Interactive then ahead of another year of content fans. We can't help but wonder how Project 007 is going behind the scenes, however. You can read more about Hitman 3 Year Two through the link.

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