A hacking group going by the name of Fail0verflow has today claimed it has made a huge step forward in breaking open PlayStation 5 security. A Twitter post covered by Eurogamer states the collective has gained access to internal PS5 root keys, which are used to decrypt the console's firmware. It reads: "We got all (symmetric) ps5 root keys. They can all be obtained from software β€” including per-console root key, if you look hard enough!" If the group is one day successful, the system may be completely jailbroken.

As Eurogamer notes, Fail0verflow has in the past cracked the PS3 wide open, hacked the PS4, and gotten custom firmware to run on the Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately for Sony, it sounds like this group knows what it's doing. "Another one bites the dust 😎," the hacking group says. Of course, Sony will likely counteract this with a PS5 firmware update.

While the collective's work to find these root keys doesn't mean the PS5 is compromised just yet, the discovery is said to be one of the first steps in jailbreaking a console. The screenshot embedded in the tweet above claims to be those very root keys. These keys can be used to reverse engineer firmware to look for exploits and possibly run unsigned code on PS5 systems. Fail0verflow also claims Sony won't have an easy time preventing hackers from accessing the firmware with a firmware update since the root keys cannot be rotated easily.

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