PS Vita may have been a bit of a commercial blunder from Sony, but it will go down in history as one of the more revered handhelds ever released. In addition to its likeable hardware and software library, modders got a lot of mileage out of the device, and one prolific piece of homebrew prepared by Rinnegatamante and The Fl0w enabled you to play GTA Vice City on the system.

Fascinatingly, that fan-made port has now been pitted against Rockstar’s own GTA Trilogy on the Nintendo Switch, and the results are quite surprising. While there are clear performance advantages present in the remaster, we’d argue that the artstyle is better preserved on the PS Vita, with the colours and lighting especially being vastly superior on the portable PlayStation.

Clearly the character models and textures are better in the Definitive Edition, and the resolution is also (slightly) higher as well. But given the Nintendo Switch is a more powerful piece of hardware than the PS Vita, and this is effectively homebrew versus an official remaster – well, Sony’s handheld holds up remarkably well, doesn’t it?

Thanks for the tip, Rob_230.