One of the (very few) noteworthy reveals from last week's State of Play presentation was that Bugsnax is being treated to a free expansion titled The Isle of Bigsnax at some point next year. It will add a new biome, big Bugsnax, hats, home customisation, and now Trophies thanks to the efforts of Kinda Funny's Greg Miller on Twitter.

As well as taking care of a newborn, Miller asked developer Young Horses whether or not Trophies would be part of the DLC. The team's Twitter account responded: "Not this time. Sorry Greg," at which point he offered up his own services to create a Trophy list for them.

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This conversation spiralled enough to where Young Horses co-founder and president Philip Tibitoski explained how the team had basically accepted it had to implement Trophies because of Greg. "We saw these tweets and about 20 minutes later in team chat the sentiment was, "I guess we’re adding new trophies."

Clearly happy with his work, Miller tweeted:

So now you know who to thank for getting Trophies shoved into a bit of free Bugsnax content. Or you know who to blame for erasing your 100 per cent Trophy completion percentage after unlocking the Platinum gong. Which side do you fall on? Let us know in the comments below.

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