Final Fantasy IX Bestiary
Image: VGCartography

When we reminisce about old Final Fantasy games, we don't tend to think about the monsters — the strange and often wonderful beasts that inhabit the overworld map and numerous dungeons. But thanks to VGCatrography (DeviantArt and Twitter), we've been reminded of just how amazing these monster designs still are.

VGCartography catalogues models, maps, and more from all kinds of games, uploading them to the aforementioned sites as high resolution galleries. And in particular, these Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, and Final Fantasy IX bestiary collections are an absolute treat.

If you're anything like us, just gazing across all of these PS1-era monsters is enough to get some prime nostalgia flowing. It's also really interesting to see how Squaresoft's designs evolved over the course of the PlayStation generation.

Please note that endgame enemies and bosses are spoiled in these images.

Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII Bestiary
Image: VGCartography

Final Fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy VIII Bestiary
Image: VG Cartography

Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy IX Bestiary
Image: VGCartography

Pretty cool, eh? Do you have any favourite monster designs from Final Fantasy? Mop up some precious experience points in the comments section below.

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