Finger Fitness PS5 PlayStation 5 1

Ever have difficulty unscrewing the cap from a bottle of Pepsi? You, sir, need stronger fingers – and fortunately Finger Fitness is here to help. Stealthily slipped onto the PS Store this Sunday – a holy day for Trophy hunters – this PlayStation 5 exclusive leverages the DualSense’s adaptive triggers to help build up the muscles in your digits.

This is effectively a clicker with the same irreverent sense of humour as My Name Is Mayo. You must repeatedly tap on the L2 and R2 triggers, which increase in resistance the more an on-screen meter fills. You’ll get points for each tap, which you can then use to purchase multipliers and efficiency perks. Eventually you’ll end up with frogs and potatoes on-screen, helping you out.

Finger Fitness PS5 PlayStation 5 2

The gameplay layers in some complications, like balloons you need to rapidly tap the Triangle button to pop, all while you’re still hammering on the triggers. Once you fill the bar at the top of the screen, you need to swipe the touchpad to recharge, and then you start all over again. This is one of those ten minute Platinum Trophy games, and it sells for £0.79/$0.99.

In a way, we somewhat appreciate the creativity on display here: this is targeted directly at Trophy hunters, after all, but it’s using the PS5’s features more than your average release from Ratalaika or that company that tries to connect bowling minigames to the meaning of life. Nevertheless, if you value the health of your DualSense controller, maybe give this a swing – it will probably break your pad.