Anyone who plays FIFA 22 between 15th December and 14th January will be rewarded with a free next-gen FIFA Ultimate Team player. The promotion – spotlighting some of the best young talent in European football right now – includes players like cover star Kylian Mbappe and Manchester City forward Phil Foden.

Unfortunately, the ratings aren’t exactly mind-blowing. The Mbappe available, for example, is rated just 86 while his base card is 91 and his in-form is 92. Foden does get an 85 rating which is better than his base 84, but not his in-form – though the likes of Camavinga, to be fair, do get a reasonable bump. Ultimately, however, if you’re looking to be competitive, these cards won’t cut it.

Nevertheless, a free player is a free player, and should certainly add some extra incentive to dig into FIFA 22 this holiday.