Dying Light 2 Gold

Several delays down the line and Dying Light 2 has finally gone gold, meaning that it's ready to ship. The open world, zombie-bashing RPG is set to release on the 4th February, which gives developer Techland a bit of time to prepare for the big day.

If you're a Dying Light fan, then this news will likely prompt a sigh of relief. As alluded, the game was delayed multiple times before it settled on its early 2022 window. Now that it's gone gold, it should be able to stick to its schedule.

February 2022 has long been shaping up to be a huge month for PlayStation, and it all kicks off with Dying Light 2. It's soon followed by Sifu on the 8th, King of Fighters XV on the 17th, Horizon Forbidden West on the 18th, and then Elden Ring on the 25th.

Are you ready to smash some skulls in Dying Light 2? Grab your favourite blunt instrument in the comments section below.

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