Dreams PS4

Whether you pay it any mind or not, Dreams forges on, and it's gearing up to celebrate another year's worth of community creations. Yes, the third annual Impy Awards has been officially announced, recognising the achievements the game's user base has reached over the last 12 months.

As always, there will be an awards ceremony largely built within Dreams, and some of the best creations and creators will be given trophies for their accomplishments in numerous categories. You'll be able to watch along as the ceremony will be broadcast live on Media Molecule's Twitch channel. It's all going down on 27th February 2022.

In the meantime, the nomination period has begun. Users can now put themselves forward (or somebody else) for each of the categories, including Excellence in Art Direction, Excellence in Animation, and Contribution Beyond Dreams. Via this form, you can make your nominations between now and 5th December.

Media Molecule says it will also be celebrating the game's birthday in February; the game launched fully on 14th February 2020, so it seems it'll be a big month for the create-'em-up. Are you excited for The Impys?

[source docs.indreams.me, via blog.playstation.com]