Demon's Souls PS5

Happy birthday, PlayStation 5! The console is a year old today, and it's had plenty of wonderful games within that time already. Which ones have been played the most so far, though? SIE president Jim Ryan has the stats, and in a new PS Blog post, he's outlined the top 10 most played PS5 games.

To be honest, the list isn't all that surprising, but we thought it'd be an interesting point to highlight regardless. PS5 users have accumulated "4.6 billion hours of gameplay", which sounds ludicrous, but imagine what the number must be for PS4. Anyway, the 10 games played the most on PS5 are as follows:

It's not stated if this is in any sort of order, but you have to imagine that Fortnite is top, right? Among all the games you'd expect to find are a few outliers. You have your free-to-play games, your sports titles (NBA 2K is in there twice!), and your Call of Dutys, and then there are some stand-out single player titles. Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Demon's Souls, two first-party PS5 launch games, are within the most played on the system, which is pretty impressive. Assassin's Creed Valhalla is also a title we wouldn't necessarily expect to see, although deputy editor Robert Ramsey's time with the game should've been a clue.

What are your most played PS5 games so far? Have you been putting in the hours on some of the games listed above, or is your attention elsewhere? Make your confessions in the comments section below.