Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: promising fan project gets shutdown prematurely after behemoth publisher deems it to be infringing on its property. In the defence of Sony, it’s generally not as trigger-happy as the likes of Nintendo and Rockstar, but given the publicity pointed at Bloodborne PSX, we’re almost expecting it to all end in tears.

That would sure be a shame, because this upcoming demake looks spectacular. Clips of this project have been shared on social media for several months, and now it has a PC release date: 31st January, 2022. It’s exactly what it looks like: a 32-bit port of FromSoftware’s seminal PlayStation 4 exclusive, complete with scanlines, pointed polygons, and putrid textures.

The project’s been developed by Lilith Walther, who’s done a bang-up job, as evidenced by the opening 10 minutes embedded above. We’re particularly entranced by the obtrusive loading screens, and can almost hear our poor PS1’s CD-ROM drive grunting and groaning as it seeks out the next section. Chances of it getting shutdown before the year’s out, though? High, in our opinion.