Battlefield 2042 is fast approaching now, with just over two weeks to go until launch. From day one, the game will feature seven large scale multiplayer maps, with more to obviously follow later on. We already know about Orbital, the huge map with a rocket launch as its focal point, and now EA is showing off three more in this latest video.

First on the agenda is Renewal, which takes place in some office buildings and the surrounding Egyptian desert. Second is Breakaway, set in Antarctica, and it looks absolutely enormous. Players will be fighting across the ice and an oil rig here, and it's a stark difference from the other maps. Last to be shown is Discarded, which takes the battle to an Indian industrial zone full of shipping containers and small buildings.

It's a nice range of locations at least, but we'll have to get our hands on the game before we can judge the maps themselves. What do you think of these Battlefield 2042 maps? Are you excited to get started on 19th November? Zip line into the comments section below.