Probably the worst thing about Back 4 Blood at launch is the lack of progression when you're playing alone offline. The game isn't designed to be played that way, promoting online matchmaking whenever it can, but the option to still make some progress when you're on your lonesome would have been nice. Thankfully, the missing feature will be added next month as Turtle Rock Studios confirms it'll be part of a title update next month. A new roadmap also details other bits of content coming to the online zombie shooter.

Before offline single player progression arrives, this month will house patches containing bug fixes and general quality of life improvements. Then the aforementioned update arrives in December alongside a Christmas event, new supply lines, new Cards, and a new Card type. Looking ahead to next year, there'll be a new difficulty level, more player and corruption Cards, another co-op mode, an update to melee weapons, and further quality of life enhancements.

Back 4 Blood Content Roadmap PS5 PS4

If you bought the Annual Pass with the base game, then the first big expansion is also slated for 2022. Titled Tunnels of Terror, it'll be the first of three pieces of DLC to launch next year. Those will release along with new characters to play as and new zombies to gun down, more weapons, Cards, and exclusive skins.

Our Back 4 Blood PS5 review awarded the game an impressive 8/10 rating last month, praising its level and encounter design and deck building mechanics. "It's just a lot of fun blowing Ridden heads off or smashing them with a baseball bat like a watermelon in an anime beach episode. It doesn't really deliver a compelling experience solo ā€“ the bots are just a touch too stupid for that ā€“ but Back 4 Blood ought to become a multiplayer fixture for the rest of the generation to come." At least it'll be worthwhile playing on your own offline from next month.

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