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If you've been spending any time on Turtle Rock's co-op zombie survival game Back 4 Blood, you might have noticed it's a surprisingly tough shooter. As it so happens, the difficulty is actually higher than intended, and the studio is working to get the level of challenge back on track.

While some updates for the game have already been made in order to reduce the difficulty, more are on the way. It seems a big source of the unintentionally tough encounters with the undead is how often special Ridden are being spawned in. The team mentioned this on a live stream recently; despite a patch that ought to have reduced the number of these enemies, they're still popping up much too often.

"Sometimes a bit of difficulty can add a lot of replayability, but as of right now there are issues and bugs we’ve encountered in development that are making it far more difficult than intended," says Turtle Rock in a Reddit post. It explains that, as well as the inflated spawn rates of mutated Ridden, trauma damage — persistent damage that builds up over time — was being applied too quickly. Thankfully this has been ironed out, but it seems more updates to the game's difficulty are on the way.

Have you been struggling with Back 4 Blood at all? What do you think of its difficulty? Get to a safe room in the comments section below.

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