Assassin's Creed Valhalla Tombs Update

Update: Assassin's Creed Valhalla update 1.040 (as listed on PS5), is available to download now. It weighs in at around 4.6GB on Sony's current-gen console, but don't let the relatively small size fool you — this patch adds quite a bit of content to the already massive open world game.

You can read all about the additions and changes below.

Original Story: It's that time again, folks: Assassin's Creed Valhalla is getting another significant update this week. Patch 1.4.0 is dropping on the 9th November, adding Tombs of the Fallen, support for a new festival that begins on the 11th November, and three new skills. It also implements a bunch of bug fixes and gameplay improvements.

In case you don't know, Tombs of the Fallen present a new dungeon-delving activity for players. Ubisoft says that these tombs are "puzzle-focused", and completing them unlocks new Trophies. We assume that unique rewards will be up for grabs as well.

Meanwhile, the spooky-sounding Oskoreia Festival will offer its own rewards and activities. Apparently, it'll feature horse riding and a "tournament against spirits". Again, the festival begins on the 11th November.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Update 1.040 Patch Notes



Added four new Tombs of the Fallen to the game.

  • Four puzzle-focused tombs are waiting to be uncovered across England. Did someone say Odin Rune?
  • Unlock two new trophies/achievements upon completing one or three Tombs of the Fallen, respectively.
  • Access requirements: This content is available upon unlocking the settlement through the main storyline.


Added in-game support for the Oskoreia Festival to the game.

  • Available from November 11 through December 2.
  • New quests and activities, including horseback riding and a tournament against spirits.
  • New spooky rewards.
  • Access requirements: Players must reach England and complete one of the first two narrative arcs (Grantebridgescire or Ledecestrescire) and have a settlement at Level 2 to participate in the Oskoreia Festival.


Perfect Parry
Parry in the nick of time to deal additional damage to the attacker.
Master Counter Roll
Adds a Hidden Blade strike while executing a Counter Roll.
Improved Bow Stun Finisher
Initiating the Bow Stun Finisher will now shoot arrows at all stunned enemies in view.


Main Quests, World Events, and Side Activities


  • Unable to interact with AxeHead.
  • Unable to escort convey in quest "Old Friends," marker did not move.
  • Cavalier/Heavy Cavalry stopped fighting when the player was mounted on a Horse and was further away.
  • Basim and Sigurd didn't follow the player in Brewing Rebellion.
  • Quest NPC could be beneath the world in The Thegn of Lincoln.
  • Cordial Invitation couldn't be started due to a dead NPC.
  • Orwig Neverdeath didn't spawn in Hordafylke.
  • Couldn't interact with NPC during Edmund's Arrow world event.
  • Couldn't defeat boss in Binding Fate due to them spawning underground.
  • "New Avenge Quest" celebration repeatedly appeared on the screen when looting or interacting with objects near the avenge corpse without picking up the quest.
  • Unable to pick up Arc of Elan in the longhouse.
  • "Exploration Area" did not disappear when tracking another quest.
  • Discovery Tour: Viking Age - Quest objective didn't update in A Barter for Peace.
  • River Raids - Removed fish to balance ration availability.
  • Wrath of the Druids - Unable to interact with letter in Flann Sinna's tent during Courting the Kings quest.



  • BattleCry didn't affect alpha animals during fights.
  • Missing vibration or haptic feedback on PS5 after version 1.3.2.
  • Level 2 Axe Fury did not receive intended ability modifiers.
  • Numerous NPC behavior issues.
  • Weapon perks not activating correctly or activating outside of their intended conditions.
  • Numerous clipping issues.
  • Some 1H swords could cost more to upgrade than others.
  • Animals didn't go into the stunned stance emptying their defence bar with melee attacks.
  • Fish could be seen teleporting when fishing under certain conditions.
  • Helmets could still be displayed during some cutscenes, even when not intended.
  • Eivor was unable to perform a forward roll when jumping from a height using M&K.
  • Players can now toggle walk/run state during auto movement.



  • Numerous Menu Narration issues.
  • Numerous UI/HUD issues.
  • Constant New Quest alert since Title Update 1.3.1.
  • Discovery Tour: Viking Age - The Playtime in Discovery Tour is displayed as 0hrs in game menu.
  • Discovery Tour: Viking Age - Discovery Sites and Behind the Scenes pop-up is present during the intro cinematic in Seaworthy.
  • Level scaling options did not show the correct values for the River Raid section in the quest log.

Graphics, Animation, and Audio


  • Numerous graphics, texture, animation, or lighting issues.
  • Numerous Colorblind mode issues.
  • Improvements to some raven textures.



  • Instances of misplaced or floating objects or textures.
  • Instances where Eivor, NPCs, or the longship would get stuck.

Performance and Stability

  • Improved performance and stability

Will you be checking out these new tombs? Perhaps you'll be diving back in for the fresh festival activities? Prepare for a Viking winter in the comments section below.