Assassin's Creed Valhalla Stats

Assassin's Creed Valhalla first released a year ago today, on the 10th November 2020. The game was more than a bit buggy at launch — on PlayStation 4 especially — but the title's come a long way over the last 12 months. Indeed, in typical Ubisoft fashion, Valhalla has received loads of large updates — many of them adding new content to the already massive open world game. All told, it's been an impressive show of support, topped off by two solid expansions.

Anyway, to help celebrate the title's first anniversary, Ubisoft has published some crazy player statistics. Here are the highlights:

  • Players have killed 28,655,028,898 enemies
  • 2,909,779,176 enemies have been assassinated
  • Varin's Axe (one of the game's earliest weapons) is the most used weapon, followed by the Hunnish Bow, Housecarl's Axe, and... the Blacksmith's Hammer
  • Dive of the Valkyries is the most used combat ability
  • Players have died 524,892,993 times
  • 77% of deaths came through combat, 8% from falls, and 6% from fire
  • 50 million photos have been taken
  • Players have raided 290 million times
  • Orlog (the dice game) has been played 75.4 million times, and the player win rate is 51%
  • 87 million flyting matches have been had, with players winning 71% of the time
  • 80 million drinking games have been played, with players winning 52% of the time

Phew, some big numbers there. The scale of these stats comes as no huge surprise, however — not since Ubisoft reported that Valhalla is the company's second most profitable release ever. Safe to say that it's been a success for the publisher.

And support for Valhalla isn't coming to an end, either. Unlike previous games in the series, Valhalla will be getting a second year of updates and DLC, stretching throughout 2022. No doubt we'll be getting more information in the coming months.

In the meantime, the game's newest festival is kicking off on the 11th November, and explorable Tombs of the Fallen have just been added via the latest patch. Are you still playing Assassin's Creed Valhalla? Hurl an axe or two in the comments section below.