Quake PS5 PS4

In case you forgot, the original Quake is available on PlayStation 4, complete with updated visuals, Trophies, new content, and all that good stuff. If you like your first person shooters retro-flavoured, it's a great option, and now, Bethesda has made it an even more interesting package with the release of a PS5 version.

Yes, the 25-year-old Quake is now available on PS5. This port of the antiquated experience sports some extra bells and whistles. It'll run at full 4K resolution, supports 120 frames-per-second if you have the right display, and takes advantage of the DualSense's adaptive triggers and speaker.

The best news is that owners of the PS4 version can claim the PS5 upgrade free of charge. If you have the game on Sony's last system, you technically already own the PS5 one as well — just head to the PS Store and download it on your new console.

Quake is £7.99/$9.99, and for that you get both versions of the game, which isn't half bad, is it? Will you be playing this old-school shooter on PS5? Frag some monsters in the comments section below.

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