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Development of Panzer Dragoon Voyage Record, a PSVR version of SEGA’s legendary on-rails shmup series, has been plunged into uncertainty after the release’s official Twitter account falsely declared Wildman CEO and producer Haruto Watanabe to be dead. A series of messages, spotted by Gematsu, later clarified that Watanabe is in fact alive and well, and the original statement has been removed.

“Panzer Dragoon Voyage Record has been cancelled due to the cancellation of the contract by SEGA and the death of the producer, Haruto Watanabe, CEO of Wildman Inc,” the bizarre deleted post read. “Thank you for your support.” One user clarified on Twitter: “I went to the Wildman office and can confirm he’s safe. A lot of friends are gathering.”

The status of the game, described as a “virtual reality dramatic shooter”, is unknown. It was being billed as a “completely new work” which would feature various memorable moments from the original Panzer Dragoon titles. We suspect there’s more to this story, so we’ll keep you updated as and when we learn more.

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