Everyone, the time has finally come: the Uncharted movie trailer is here. It feels like we've been writing about this project for an eternity, and for most of this website's life, it was just a pipedream (and was fervently opposed by many of our most loyal readers). But right now, here in October 2021, the Uncharted movie is a reality. It's coming to cinemas on the 11th February 2022 in the UK, and 18th February 2022 in the US.

And you know what? The trailer's actually pretty good. We're not entirely sold on everything just yet, however. We love Tom Holland but his portrayal of Nathan Drake perhaps comes across as a bit too innocent here, and the total absence of Sully's 'stache is still frustrating. But at the end of the day, this movie's trying to be its own thing, and we're willing to give it a chance off the back of this solid-looking footage.

What do make of this trailer? Can you believe this is finally happening? Give us your best "oh crap" in the comments section below.