Someone has to do those unpleasant jobs in life, like collecting people's rubbish, emptying septic tanks, and maintaining sewers. These vital tasks must be done, yes, but is there any pleasure to be found in some of society's smelliest work? Stinky Company Simulator is on hand to answer that question.

Further proof that there's a gamified simulator of basically everything, this new title puts you in the mucky boots of a humble garbage man, and it's your job to do the town's dirty work. That means picking up and disposing bins, emptying and repairing wastewater tanks, and keeping the sewers in good order. You'll also drive maintenance vehicles around town, keeping your trucks ship shape so you can get from A to B.

As you carry out all these jobs, you'll earn a tidy bit of cash, and you'll eventually be able to start your own business and become a garbage industry mogul. It's a full-on business management sim β€” it just also happens to be about waste disposal.

It looks like it'll be injected with some humour, and as with all these games, we've no doubt it'll be a surprisingly fun, relaxing time. Stinky Company Simulator is coming to PlayStation 5 and PS4, although no date for the console release has been given as yet.

Are you interested in this one? In before all your jokes about companies that you think are stinky in the comments section below.