State of Play October 2021

Sony has announced a new State of Play broadcast, which will take place on Wednesday the 27th October, 2021 (that's next week!). It'll air at 2PM PT / 5PM ET / 10PM BST / 11PM CEST.

The show will be around 20 minutes in length, so it's a reasonably short event. However, it won't be focused on just one game. Sony says that the broadcast will feature third-party titles across PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. No further information has been given.

It's time for Speculation, then. As far as the rest of 2021 goes, there aren't that many big games that could be part of this. Call of Duty: Vanguard immediately springs to mind, as does Battlefield 2042 β€” although the latter is partnered with Xbox, so we can't see it dropping in. Solar Ash seems like a decent bet given Sony's promotion of it in the past, but beyond that, we might be shown some 2022 titles.

Dare we dream of Final Fantasy XVI? Dare we dread more of Grand Theft Auto V for PS5? Make some predictions in the comments section below.