Red Dead Online GTA Online 1

Rockstar always does an excellent job with its Halloween content – see the recent GTA Online Weekly Update for further evidence of that – but Red Dead Online is not being left to wither during spoopy season. A refreshed version of co-op mode Call to Arms is available now, with telegrams talking of “strange and unsettling adversaries”. You’ll get double RDO$, Gold, and XP for sending them back to their realm.

This week’s Featured Series also has a ghoulish twist: Dead of the Night will see four teams competing against the undead, and trying to put down as many reanimated corpses as they can. Survive and you’ll get a free Ability Card of your choosing. You’ll also find masks temporarily on sale at Madam Nazar’s moving storefront, while anyone who logs in will be gifted a treat of 10 Snowberger Candies and five Chocolate Bars.

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Finally, the Halloween Pass will launch on 28th October, with 15 tiers of content featuring more masks and rewards. Will you be returning to the Wild West to see what horrifying shenanigans are unfolding? Save your skin in the comments section below.