Bethesda has shared more details on what we can expect from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Anniversary Edition. Due out next month on the tenth anniversary of Skyrim (it's been ten years?!), the Anniversary Edition is not a free upgrade if you already own Skyrim or Skyrim - Special Edition. So why should you buy it? Well, it includes every Creation Club release to date, plus some new stuff. That's additional quests, player homes, weapons, armour — all kinds of things.

Bethesda has previously mentioned that Anniversary Edition features "over 500 Creation Club elements". To be clear, that doesn't mean 500 individual DLCs — we assume it's the number of unique assets used across all of the Creation Club content. Still, it should give you some idea of what's being included.

Anyway, that's your Anniversary Edition. If you're not arsed about any of that, you can stick with Skyrim - Special Edition on PS4, which is getting a free PS5 update which allows for 60 frames-per-second and faster load times.

What's more, four Creation Club DLCs will be made available for free in Special Edition. Here's a quick rundown of what's being added:

  • Saints and Seducers - A couple of new quests.
  • Rare Curios - New items that can be used in alchemy.
  • Survival Mode - Adds a survival system where you'll have to eat, drink, sleep, and stay warm.
  • Fishing - Adds fishing, obviously!

You can find out more about these free DLCs on Bethesda's site. Of course, these four Creation Club DLCs will also be part of Anniversary Edition.

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