Easily the most requested feature since Returnal launched back in April, players will finally be able to quit the game without losing progress on their current run. Developer Housemarque calls the option 'Suspend Cycle', and it'll be introduced with the game's big 2.0 update, which is out today.

To be clear, this isn't the same as saving your game — you can't continue from suspended data more than once. Housemarque explains: "By suspending the cycle, Returnal will simply create a single use suspend point, and once you resume playing the suspend point is deleted and cannot be used again. Your game will continue directly from the moment you left it, and if you want to suspend the cycle again, your progress will be captured from that new point onwards."

You can't suspend your run during cutscenes, combat, or first-person gameplay, either, so use it wisely.

That's not all for update 2.0, though. A dedicated photo mode is also being added to the game, which can be activated at any time outside of cutscenes and first-person sections. Returnal can be a very pretty PlayStation 5 exclusive, so we're sure that people will soon be snapping some brilliant shots.

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