PlayStation Store PS5 New Games

The PlayStation 5's PS Store has been an evolving beast over the last year. We remember the lack of an obvious place to find the latest deals being an issue, for example. Of course, Sony has been adapting the integrated storefront over time, and it's now in a better position. However, one remaining issue was trying to locate the newest games to hit the system. Thankfully, following another change, this won't be nearly as much of a faff anymore.

Shuhei Yoshida, previous president of PlayStation Studios and now heading up the indies team, shared news of two newly added sections on the top page of the PS Store:

Now, when you select PS Store, you can scroll down twice to find a 'New Games' strand, and below that, a 'New This Week' strand. If you scroll to the end of the former list, you'll have the option to View All, which will take you to a grid showing off all the new games released that week. This shows every title, including tiny indie games that aren't normally spotlighted.

Before this update, if you wanted to see the very latest releases, you'd have to tab over to 'Browse', then sort by release date, new to old, which was more of a hassle than it should've been. This small change makes discovering new games a lot easier.

Frankly, this should've been in place back at launch, but it's better late than never. Do you like to look at all the new games hitting PS Store each week on PS5? Will this update make a difference for you? Tell us in the comments section below.