Happy October, everyone! While the entire world prepares for scares in a few weeks, there's plenty of other treats to enjoy before then. That includes a fresh batch of PlayStation Plus games, straight from Jim Ryan's oven. October's PS Plus lineup is ready to eat, so grab these PS5 and PS4 games while they're hot.

As a reminder, October's games includes the brand new Hell Let Loose, a PS5 first-person shooter that places you in realistic WWII battles. As for PS4 titles, this month you're getting hyper-violent fighter Mortal Kombat X and the less violent PGA Tour 2K21. It's one of those shooty, dismembermenty, golfy sort of months, you know.

The trio of games is available to download right now in Europe and will be appearing on the North American storefront and beyond very soon. Which of these titles will you be playing first? Tell us in the comments section below.

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