Final Fantasy Best Game Poll

What's the best Final Fantasy game to ever grace a PlayStation console? This is the (rather demanding) question that we want you to answer. Below, you'll find a list of Final Fantasy games, both mainline and spinoff. We need you to rate the games that you've played, and these ratings will feed into a Final Fantasy ranking article that we'll publish in the near future.

But before we get into it, let's set the stage with a bit of an overview. Final Fantasy is easily one of the most recognisable brands in gaming. Square Enix's primarily role-playing series has been trucking along for over 30 years, and while it's certainly had its ups and downs, it continues to be a hugely successful franchise that captures the hearts of many.

Final Fantasy VII — originally released in 1997 for the PlayStation — is the game that sparked Final Fantasy's meteoric (pun intended) rise to mainstream popularitty. It was a title that helped define Sony's first console, and it introduced entire generations to the concept of Japanese role-playing games.

There was a time when Square Enix — then called Square, or Squaresoft — would launch a new, mainline Final Fantasy game every year or so, but that cycle has changed dramatically over the last decade. Like many Japanese companies, Square Enix hit something of a snag during the PlayStation 3 generation. Games were taking much longer to develop, internal costs were rising, and the hardware could be difficult to work with. Flagship titles like Final Fantasy XIII were delayed and at least partially rebooted multiple times, and Square Enix was struggling to find a foothold.

Since then, the publisher's managed to pull itself back together, and much more recent Final Fantasy projects, like the ridiculously popular Final Fantasy XIV and the long awaited Final Fantasy VII Remake, have put the series back on the map. It's fair to say that Final Fantasy is on the rise once again, even if strange spinoff titles such as Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin continue to raise an eyebrow.

Anyway, let's get rating, shall we? In the list below, we've included the most up-to-date versions of most Final Fantasy games. This means that Final Fantasy VII, for example, shows up as the PS4 port. Likewise, enhanced re-releases and remasters — like Final Fantasy VIII Remastered, Final Fantasy X HD Remaster, and Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade — are preferred over their original releases. We doubt that this detail will sway the voting process, but it's just something to keep in mind.

Now get out there and rate some Final Fantasy games!

Initial ratings for our list of Best Final Fantasy games closes on Monday 11th October, 2021. Make sure to get your ratings registered this weekend!

What's your favourite Final Fantasy game? Let us know in the comments section below, and be sure to keep an eye out for our rankings article in the near future.