PlayStation Champions League Characters

PlayStation has been a main sponsor of the UEFA Champions League for decades, but we'd argue that its brand promotion has just reached new heights. The prestigious European football tournament typically airs on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, which allows for some primetime advertising for PlayStation. The boards that surround the pitch are often coated in PlayStation logos, while advertising breaks always begin and end with a nod to the gaming giant.

This latest round of Champions League matches have presented a new kind of PlayStation plug, though. In between broadcasting breaks, PlayStation characters like Kratos (God of War), Aloy (Horizon), and Ratchet (Ratchet & Clank) are now popping up in quick sponsored segments. One such segment sees Kratos and his son Atreus walk out into a packed stadium, while another has Aloy deploying tactical maps with her holographic technology.

Here's the Kratos segment:

Aloy's tactical tinkering:

And finally, Ratchet and Clank jumping into action:

It's clever advertising on Sony's behalf. Not only are the segments well made, they push some of PlayStation's most recognisable characters even closer to the mainstream eye. Let's not forget that each of these Champions League matches are watched live by tens of millions of football fans all around the world.

Which one of these cameos is your favourite? Imagine Kratos actually playing football in the comments section below.