A phenomenon that’s not exclusive to video games but does seem to recur a lot in this industry is that whenever a concept blows up, you start to see it everywhere. The current trend is, of course, Battle Royale – and even angling sim Bassmaster Fishing 2022 has its own take on the concept. A new knockout mode named Bassmaster Royale will see you hunting for fish in order to stay above the “cut line”. It’s effectively a last angler standing type affair.

The press release elaborates: “Anglers will begin their competitions in one of three different spots, where they’ll need to quickly race to their favourite fishing hot spot to start hooking bass while keeping an eye out for other anglers trying to muscle in on their territory. Moving locations can waste precious time, but can pay dividends if other anglers are packed closely together and competing for the same bass.”

There’ll be full crossplay support across PS5, PS4, Xbox, and PC, which should hopefully keep lobbies relatively full for what is, admittedly, a rather niche release. Do you think you’ll get hooked to this mode? Swim to the comments section below.

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