Whatever your thoughts on Rocksteady’s decision to develop Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, we’re hours away from seeing an all-new slice of the upcoming PlayStation 5 release. You can, of course, find out When Is DC Fandome 2021 through the link if you’d like to follow the news live, but we’ll have a recap of all the PlayStation 5 and PS4 information, including an update on Gotham Knights, right here.

In order to whet your appetite, long-time Batman: Arkham director Sefton Hill has shared a new screenshot from the London developer’s latest on Twitter. If nothing else, Suicide Squad is going to look sublime – especially as it’s not a cross-gen title. “Can't wait for you to see more of the story and the weird and wonderful reprobates you’ll be teaming up with,” Hill said.

Meaty trailer incoming, then?

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