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So, how's it going? How are you? Ah, okay. Well, we can't provide a directly appropriate response, because we don't know how you've replied to our questions. What we can tell you is that we at Push Square Towers are doing great. Why? We'll tell you why: it's PlayStation 5 firmware update time.

Yes, Sony has graced us with another system software update for PS5. Version 21.02-04.03.00 comes in at 913.7 MB, and it's available to download to your console right now. We are blessed on this blustery, overcast Wednesday. So, what does the new PS5 firmware update do?

Why don't you take a wild, swinging guess what it does? We'll put the kettle on while you have a think.

PS5 Firmware Update 21.02-04.03.00

What were we thinking? Making a cup of tea takes way longer than it takes for you to simply scroll down.

Yes, this latest firmware update "improves system performance", as you no doubt guessed.

If you did get it right, you win. What do you win? Well, normally we'd say you've won some biscuits, but frankly we can't commit to sending each of you a packet of custard creams. Pop onto Google and image search your favourite biscuits. Good choice.

What is your favourite biscuit, or cookie, if you're of an American persuasion? Get that PS5 firmware update sorted, and tell us all about your biscuit preferences in the comments section below.