Japanese publisher Konami has issued an apology for the sorry state of eFootball at launch, which has become the butt of many a joke over the past 24 hours or so. Writing on Twitter, the official eFootball account said: "We are very sorry for the problems, and want to assure everyone we will take all concerns seriously and strive to improve the current situation." The team has received feedback concerning game balance, questionable cutscenes and facial expressions, and player movement.

The statement continues: "This work will be continuously updated, quality will be improved and content will be added consistently. From next week onward, we will prepare for an update in October, while receiving further opinions through questionnaires to our users."

Ever since the game launched yesterday morning, the internet has been ablaze with disapproving comments and visual captures of how truly broken eFootball can get. That includes examples of how bad Lionel Messi can look and players disappearing. We highlighted as much in our Hands On impressions: "The sad reality is that while eFootball had the opportunity to be disruptive, it’s the best advertisement for FIFA 22 that EA Sports could have asked for. Konami’s got a mountain to climb to save this series’ season, and it’s going to take more than Sam Allardyce to keep its hopes alive."

Embedded below are just a few examples of what Konami felt the need to apologise for.

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