Kena Bridge Of Spirits Ps5 Ps4

Kena: Bridge of Spirits developer Ember Lab has deployed a significant patch for the PlayStation 5, PS4 console exclusive that adds three new hats for the Rot to wear and fixes lots of little bugs. The former will only stick around until 1st November 2021, though, so you've got to be quick if you want to grab them for dress up purposes. It's update 1.11 you'll want to look out for in order to gain access to these latest fixes in time for Halloween.

The patch also increases the number of auto-save slots to five, tweaks the map to allow the option of displaying collectibles you've already found, and makes a number of changes to Photo Mode. That includes a roll functionality and a boost to the overall resolution of captured images.

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We've compiled the rest of the patch notes below.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits Update 1.11 Patch Notes

  • Added support for more auto-save slots (5).
  • Added location thumbnails to save files.
  • Improved quality and increased resolution of images captured with photo mode.
  • Added roll functionality to photo mode.
  • Photo mode now crops images to match the selected format.
  • Added ability to display collected items on the world map.
  • Added Meditation Spot tracking per region on the world map.
  • Improved ultrawide support on PC.
  • Fixed bugs related to save game state.
  • Fixed small Rot animation related bugs.
  • Animation, audio mixing and music bug fixes.
  • Fixed bugs relating to missing collectables and lost owl statues.
  • Reduced tracking on certain enemy and boss attacks.
  • Crash fixes.