Splatty's Adventure Dreams PS4

Dreams gives players the tools to make pretty much anything, and the user-made content is suitably diverse. There are people making simple props for others to use, albums of music, and animated short films. Of course, many are attempting to build games within Media Molecule's creation suite, but one team has set itself an ambitious goal.

Splatty's Adventure was first published in Dreams in 2019 during early access, and the 3D platformer has been consistently updated ever since. Compared to that first iteration, the latest version is an enormous step forward; there's a hub world with distinct levels branching off, each one stuffed with things to collect and secrets to find. It's a very colourful, engaging little game, but as mentioned, it's going to get much bigger. Its creators have taken to Kickstarter to raise funds, which will be used to greatly expand the scope of the game and speed up production. The fundraiser hasn't been live for long, so there's still plenty of time to chip in if you're feeling generous.

Assuming the game hits its goal of $40,000, Lumbox Studios will be able to broaden Splatty's Adventure and make a full-length action platformer within Dreams. Further stretch goals will add full voice acting, more character customisation, bonus levels, fully animated cutscenes, and more.

As with Noguchi's Bell crowdfunding for a full animated series, we're liking this trend of Dreams projects expanding into something a bit more fleshed out. Have you played Splatty's Adventure? Will you be supporting it on Kickstarter? Tell us in the comments section below.

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