Guilty Gear Strive Update October

It's a big day for Guilty Gear Strive, as the spectacular fighter's most significant update yet is now available to download on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. Weighing in at around 529MB, the small size hides some rather dramatic adjustments. Some changes are universal, while others apply to specific characters. On paper, the game's balance has been shifted quite dramatically, but obviously, it'll take a little time for players to wrap their heads around all of the new stuff.

Universal changes include better aerial counter hits, faster normals, and easier-to-break throws. Input buffering has also been lengthened, and a lot of high power moves have been given additional damage scaling, meaning that they're not quite as potent when used in combos.

Oh, and the new patch finally reduces the amount of time that it takes to connect to server upon starting up the game. Previously, this initial connection could take up to four or five minutes to complete, but based on our testing, the connection now only takes around 20 seconds. That's one heck of an improvement.

If you're looking for the full patch notes, be sure to check out the official Guilty Gear website. Each and every character change is listed over there, alongside comments from the developer.