Guardians of the Galaxy PS5 PS4 Size

The PlayStation 5's touted Kraken compression tech is in the headlines again, as another cross-gen title takes up much less space on Sony's current-gen console. On PS4, Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy weighs in at a hefty, but somewhat standard 60GB or so. But on PS5, the size is cut down to just over 31GB. Not bad!

Of course, saving storage space on your PS5 isn't quite as big a concern these days, since you can now install a second SSD (you can peruse our guide for the Best PS5 SSD in 2021 if you're serious about upgrading). But still, that 30GB difference is going to be noticeable, isn't it? Hopefully more and more games can take advantage of this as the years roll on.

Have you been left impressed by the PS5's compression capabilities? Downsize in the comments section below.