We’re getting to the point in Gran Turismo 7’s promotional cycle where Polyphony Digital announces the deals it’s signed with virtually every organisation in the automotive industry. Today’s commercial seal: Brembo, the game’s official technical partner in braking systems. You’ll find the Italian brand in the Tuning Shop, where you’ll be able to equip real-world Brembo components.

As you’d expect, all of the parts have been rendered meticulously by the Japanese developer, and you’ll even find a little history on the company and its origins within the game’s Brand Central section:

“For Brembo, this partnership represents an extraordinary opportunity to reach out to the younger generations, which is in line with our vision Turning Energy into Inspiration,” an incredibly on-point Daniele Schillaci, Brembo’s CEO, said. “From the asphalt of the track, the performance and design of our systems have now become part of the virtual world of Gran Turismo 7. Our ambition is to further enhance the gaming experience, just as the driving experience does in reality.”

Unsurprisingly, series creator Kazunori Yamauchi is a big fan: “Even before we released our first Gran Turismo, Brembo was a hero brand to me. As a street racer back then, I had often struggled with the brakes fading. This was because most production cars at the time, excluding a very select few, were not equipped with brakes that matched the power and weight of the car.

“I always found Brembo to be reliable on the circuit, and as a result, always had a connection with the brand. So, it’s a pleasure to announce this partnership between Gran Turismo and Brembo, a true high-performance brand.”

It’s little anecdotes like this which make Gran Turismo a special series – even the commercial deals are personal to Kaz!

[source youtube.com, via gran-turismo.com]