Push Square Star Wars Grammy

Star Wars is no stranger to the Grammys with just about every John Williams score made for a galaxy far, far away receiving some form of attention. So it makes some amount of sense that composer Gordy Haab is in the midst of campaigning his recent Star Wars works for Grammy consideration.

Historically, the Grammys have a tendency to ignore games despite the incredible sounds that come from the medium. Christopher Tin's theme for Civilization IV won in 2011, becoming both the first game nomination and first game win in the history of the awards. A couple of years later, Austin Wintory's full score to Journey would also receive a nomination, but beyond those two instances, game attention has been hard to come by.

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But what better way to garner attention than with Star Wars? Everyone knows and loves Star Wars, especially Star Wars music. And Haab's contributions to that universe are no exception, with the Squadrons score being especially great.

Squadrons FYC 2021 V1.2

The campaigning is two-fold, with the entire score for Squadrons being championed under the category of Score Soundtrack for Visual Media. Meanwhile, several individual pieces from Battlefront 2 are on the docket. Smuggler's Run is competing for Instrumental Composition, as well as Arrangement, Instrumental, or A Cappella. Additionally, Iden Versio's Theme is up for Arrangement, Instrumental, and Vocals.

Hopefully, this gains some traction, as game music is criminally underrated, and has been for a long time from those not already invested in games. This could be just what the industry needs. How do you feel about any of this music? Which of the nominations do you think is most likely? Have a favourite? Give us a shout in the comments.