Developer Wolfeye Studios, which is comprised of former Arkane staff that worked on Dishonored and PREY, has today confirmed its first title Weird West will release for PlayStation 4 on 11th January 2022. Described as action RPG meets immersive simulator, the new trailer above shares how the game plays through narration from creative director Raf Colantonio. There are five different characters to play as, with this first look focusing on Jane Bell.

The video digs deep into how the game's systems allow you to do basically whatever you want and interact with anything that actually looks like you should be able to do so. "If you see something that seems possible, chances are it is possible," claims Colantonio. We then get a look at a menu full of abilities, with perks seemingly attached to weapons instead of your person. Overall, Wolfeye Studios reckons there are 40 hours of content in Weird West, but then we all know how off developer estimations can be sometimes. Still, it sounds like there's a lot to see and do in the game.

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