Five Nights at Freddy's Security Breach 1

The reaction to this week’s State of Play has been, well, muted to put it kindly. And, to be honest, the metrics on YouTube have reflected that: most of the games shown have failed to crack even 100k views at the time of writing. But there was one major winner on the night: the ever-present Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach has amassed 522k views, with more sure to come.

Here are the trailer statistics, accurate at the time of writing:

The numbers aren’t terrible in isolation, but State of Play tends to generate trailers that amass views in the millions, so they are disappointing by that metric. An enormous 1.1 million overall tuned in to watch the stream in English, but the number of downvotes has accelerated in the hours since the show, with 8.8k expressing their dislike.

In our Push Square poll, an overwhelming 43 per cent said they felt the latest State of Play was Very Poor, with a further 31 per cent saying it was Poor. That’s a total of 74 per cent who disliked the latest show – not particularly palatable reading for the bigwigs on Sony’s social media team. How do you feel about it in the cold light of day?