Social deception party games are the new Battle Royale – sort of! The upcoming PlayStation 5 and PS4 title First Class Trouble, published by Versus Evil, will be free on PS Plus from 2nd November – as previously leaked. “At the beginning of each game, you’ll be randomly assigned the role of either Resident or Personoid,” the PS Blog post reads. “Residents are human passengers, and Personoids are mechanically engineered assistants whose programming has been overwritten.”

You can probably guess where this is going: “Although everyone plays together, you’ll have different objectives to complete depending on your role. Here you’ll have a crucial decision to make: collaborate or deceive?” It sounds like there’s a lot of substance to the loop, a crash-course on which is included in the trailer above, but with Among Us due out in December, it’ll be interesting to see whether PlayStation faithfuls stick with this into Christmas and beyond.