There’s star-studded, and then there’s this FIFA 22 launch trailer. Holy heck, EA Sports has seriously flashed the cheque book here: there are appearances from England legend David Beckham, French midfield maestro Zinedine Zidane, the Champions League winning Chelsea squad, and cover star Kylian Mbappé. But frankly, we’re barely scratching the surface.

Tottenham Hotspur forward Son Heung-min, presenter and former Arsenal player Alex Scott, and Manchester United centre back Rio Ferdinand also feature. There are even cameos from social media star Chunkz and new Wrexham owner Ryan Reynolds, but frankly the list just goes on and on and on and on. It’s not just a vignette of high-profile names either, there are all sorts of special effects.

We think the trailer’s trying to portray that FIFA 22 is so realistic, with its new HyperMotion Technology, that real-world footballers have been sucked into the game in order to create an entirely new reality. Obviously, that’s not true, but the game is really good, as explained better in our FIFA 22 PS5 review. And if you’re looking to get into the soccer sim, check out our FIFA 22 guide, too.